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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nilma's wall hangings

I want to mention the work of one of my best friends who I met in the stained glass
shop in the park where we spent many winters, in Arizona. Nilma Gazzola and I used to work in the stained glass shop where we each taught different stained glass classes.
Nilma got very interested in Fusing glass - and the year we stopped going I
helped her draft a picture of three nun's skating - it was a very whimsical scene and Nilma has carried on and made many many more fused Nun scenes. I hope you will check out
her work - I am not sure whether the link to her page will come with this post, if not it is in my side bar under friends. She has had many shows and people love her work. Enjoy!

We had some wonderful times with the Gazzola's , taking trips around Arizona and having lots of adventures. Pat (dh) was a hiker and Nilma belonged to the hiking group with him- he also used to lead hikes on some of the more difficult trails in and around our park. They are both such good friends.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Shirley! Thanks for sharing the link to your friend's fused glass pieces. I love the "Nun of That" one where the nun is a hockey ref! roflol - must be cause I am a Flames fan!