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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photos of places

are always interesting - especially seeing places you have never seen. I thought you might like to see some of the scenes from my part of the world as well as other pictures from different places.
This is one of the few grain elevators still standing . This was a picture I took at Drumheller - which is an Alberta city in the 'Badlands' -(where dinosauer bones millions of years old, are found)
The world famous Tyrrell Museum is there. It is sad that the grain elevators that were the hub of the prairies, are slowly disappearing. There are very few left. Each small town had a grain elevator with the Town's name on it when I was a child. It is very rare to see one now. They were called the 'Prairie Sentinals'. So sad to see them disappear.

This is a picture taken at 'Blackfoot Crossing' a new museum which was built by the Black foot tribe here in Alberta- If I understand correctly, there are many sub tribes in the blackfoot
Nation - and a lot of them are represented at the Museum.There are few places that show off the history of the tribes as well (some of the history is very sad). I thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent there - here is a good example of a
tipi. The designs on the outside depict stories and tribal signs as well. The only time we see them nowadays is at the Calgary Stampede where they always have a wonderful Indian village- the
people wear their beautiful beaded clothing (beaded by the women in the tribe) and they tell stories of their lives. It is another example of our history that is slowly fading away. I wonder whether life is better or worse for our first peoples.
Here are some pictures of tipis in Whitehorse Yukon Territories showing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) I have seen the northern lights a few times when we lived in Edmonton, but you really need to be further north to get the beautiful colors shown in these pictures.
There are all shades from light to dark green, with some blues and yellows once in awhile - they are awe inspiring.

I thought you might be interested in seeing some gorgeous pictures of our Northern Lights.
I will continue posting pictures from my part of the world as well as other pictures from all over -and I do hope you enjoy them.

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