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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good morning!

I met a very interesting lady on line who is from Newfoundland Labrador - and who does the most beautiful wall hangings depicting her home Province. Judy Cooper does lovely work and I hope you will visit her blog - just click on her name from my side bar. My Dad was from Newfoundland and I feel a very strong connection to that wonderful place. He was a cod
fisherman and lived in Broad Cove before he emigrated as a young man, to Calgary.

He was also one of the first morse code operators to use the cable between Hearts Content and Ireland when it was first laid on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. I can't remember how many miles it took. There is a picture of him as a young man in the museum.

Judy's work really speaks to me and I am so glad I met her on Valerie Hearder's group.
Val is another wonderful fiber artist from Mahone Bay - who has published books and travels all over teaching her unique way of doing landscapes -- She will be one of the featured
teachers at the Sugar Pines' Quilting in the rockies which will be held outside of Canmore this year. I have met so many wonderful people on line. Val's link is in the side bar too. S/

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