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Friday, September 5, 2008

Thread painted flowers

I did these floral wall hangings about a year ago. They are completely thread painted and I really enjoyed doing them- In fact the classes I taught on Val Hearder's group and Learningfa -
originated from these two wall hangings. The first picture is 'Tulips'
I made 3 different wall hangings of tulips -They belong to friends of mine. I used heavy web (the kind you use to make bowls) and
cut a piece slightly larger than the flower - the put fabric that was close to the color of the flower - then I thread painted the whole flower-I like this technique as you don't have any problems with puckering. I made enough tulips for all three wall hangings - in fact I still have a couple of tulips left. The second wall hanging represents
begonias - I took it from a painting I did many years ago. If you click on it you can see
how I did some thread painting on water soluble stabilizer and made some moss which I incorporated into the wall hanging - I usually do landscapes but did enjoy working on the

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