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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Noell Duffy, is a good friend of mine from

near Calgary. I met her, as well as most of my original on line friends at a retreat in 2001.
She does wonderful traditional quilts and her eye for color and the precise way she
quilts is so inspiring. Click on the pictures to see the closeup work.
I am fortunate to have so many wonderful
traditional quilting friends - and their work
inspires me. They have all accepted my
art quilts and we all learn from each other.

I hope you enjoy these two examples of her work.

I just have the binding to do on my 'First Snowfall' I haven't decided what I am going to do next - I have enjoyed doing this one - (actually, I enjoy doing them all). My Grand daughter is coming for the day tomorrow so will try to do it then.

I like to have a wall hanging in progress all the time - and rarely let much time go between
projects. Some come together quickly with no problem - others I have to struggle with . I am also working on a round robin from last year's Big Sky retreat - I am doing some extra crazy patch embellishments and flowers on it -It helps to have a crazy patch block in the works when I need a break, and find it very relaxing.
The pictures from Texas are overwhelming - it is hard to believe that Houston will be out of power for quite some time.. It is so sad to see the devastation - loss of homes, work places.
My heart aches for all the victims of "Ike".


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Debbie said...

Noell is such a great quilter!!!! She has a great eye for color, too!!