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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Students' work - learningfa group

I want to take some time today to post some of the work done by the students in
my learningfa (fiber arts) group over the past year. As I set this blog up as a showcase
I think it is interesting to see what great work they do. I hope you will enjoy! The first picture is the flower arrangement Nancy made from the floral arrangement class- I like the colors she chose for the vase and it is such a pretty wall hanging. She still had a couple of stems to put in but I don't have a picture of the finished piece. It gives you a lift just to look at it!

I taught a thread painted landscape and the girls did a great job.
I especially liked Marilyn R's scene. Marilyn did her own
original buildings which turned out very well. I thought
she made a very nice wall hanging. Here is a closeup of her

Building - you can see what a good
job she did. I don't believe she has ever done any thread painting prior to this class. The class thread painted the buildings and then
appliqued them on to the back


Here is Betty G's land scape -- I love the colors she used - I wouldn't have thought of putting
a floral border on but it really does work. Betty has really worked
on the classes and I
can see how she really uses her own imagination, which is the
whole idea!
Don't you love the colors? She picked up some pink from the colors in the sky - so effective. I like it that she put the
tall tree in the foreground. Betty has taken a couple of classes
from me at our Annual retreat, and she sure did get the
idea! I love the different results from these classes - no two
finished pieces are the same - but each and every one works!


Julie B taught a class on paper piecing - she started with an easy flower basket and then
added extra patterns and instructions for Tessalating stars - which is a beautiful block .
Here is the wall hanging made by Gladys.

This is one of the blocks the girls used in their sampler quilt- and it really works. Another of the ladies made a large quilt but I don't have a picture. Gladys' did a great job on this wall hanging.

I would think this block would be an interesting addition to lots of

I will be putting more of the Students' work in as I think it is important for people to
see what you can do, even if you have never tried a technique before. I think tomorrow or Monday I will feature the thread painting classes, which is ongoing in the group.
Needless to say I am proud to show of the wonderful work being done in the group.
The best thing is - the girls contribute so much themselves- so many offers to teach -sometimes for the first time - S/

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