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Friday, September 19, 2008


Sept. 19/08

Pat (dh) and I took a drive south of Cochrane to check out the autumn leaves as they are all turning yellow and gold. It is just the start but the contrast between the green and gold leaves is so interesting. I also took some pictures of scenes for wall hangings - showing the different hills and valleys of the foothills in that area. It was also a search for interesting buildings to incorporate in my work.

Such a beautiful day. I was also looking for pictures which would show distance - The first one is a good example of how to avoid a flat landscape in the foreground (or midground, for that matter) in a landscape. I have taken so many pictures and have flagged the best ones and deleted quite a few that I know I will never use. I have a fairly new Nikon digital camera and
I love it. I have learned so much about this area and have taken examples of distant hills, the rockies in the distance etc. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in doing
realistic landscapes like mine - that they take lots and lots of pictures and spend some time studying them - I never copy a photo exactly - as I work out of my head - I incorporate
ideas from more than one picture - into my landscapes. However - if you see a scene you really like, you could block it out on paper and copy it. You are welcome to copy any of my
pictures if you see one that appeals to you for a landscape. The picture of the house will be printed on fabric and used for a scene - I will likely change the color of the roof - in fact I took a lot of pictures of barns and houses which will come in handy .

We stopped at Tim Hortons (Canada's most popular donut place) (better than Krispy Creme (grin)) for coffee on the way home - I am fortunate that Pat likes to drive around and explore as much as I do. I feel my work has improved since I got my digital camera - as there is so many
different scenes in this country of ours.

I do dread the winter coming, but we decided today that we would venture out when the snow is here and try to get more winter scenes. So that is something to look forward to.

I am having fun as I have started a winter wall hanging for a Christmas present. It is awhile since I have done one so I really am enjoying the process. I have some of my hand dyes on hand and the one I am using will really work as a Winter sky. I am so fortunate that I can spend my days doing what I love to do. That is a huge advantage about being retired. The disadvantage is that you have to be getting old to do it- grin.

It is quite warm and we have certainly had some lovely days this past while. However, it sounds as if it is going to turn quite cold in the next few days so it was a good day to wander around.
Once we get a cold spell the leaves will all turn and before we know it they will have all fallen.

oh well - it is rather nice to have 4 definite seasons -

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