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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


and didn't get back at my wall hanging. I had a nice chat with Aie Rossman on the phone. She is a very good friend - and what a wonderful quilter! She just got back from the States. She mentioned that she is working on another book ! A lot of you know Aie's work - all applique with wonderful, bright flowers - Her needle turn applique is outstanding. Her Burmese background
sure does show up in her work. She has been featured on TV and has taught all over North America.

I am going to meet her for lunch this week and am really looking forward to it.
I met her at the retreat we held in Strathmore 8 years ago - and we manage to get together for the retreat each year.

I have her lotuslands link in my "friends' on this blog' check out her work.

A few weeks ago Pat (my husband) and I visited the Bar U ranch, south west of Calgary - and what an enjoyable day it was -- The Bar U is one of the first huge ranches in Alberta and has been made a historial Site- It is still a working ranch and lots and lots of movies have been shot there (Little Big Man) Jesse James, Broke back Mountain to name a few.

I took many photos of the different buildings and have printed some of them on fabric and used them in my landscapes -- We had a nice lunch there and all in all it was a very nice day.

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