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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My wonderful news

I have been quite involved over the past 8 years with ' The quilt Project for breast cancer support' by donating 2 or 3 wall hangings each year to be auctioned across Canada.

I spent the morning discussing with Wendy Ellacott from Calgary Wellspring, how my quilts can help this wonderful cause, Wellspring is an international cancer support group and does wonderful work. It is a community-based, non-profit, Charitable center, offering Psychological, emotional and social support to individuals living with Cancer, their families and caregivers.

One of my quilts will be either auctioned or raffled at the Calgary Auction in November - and others will be used by Wellspring to help obtain corporate donors. Needless to say I am very honored to be asked to help in this way.

One of the quilts "First Snowfall" is in honor of Martin and Dodie Keller who are struggling with Martin's cancer.I have known Dodie on line for years through one or two of my groups and I am in awe of their wonderful attitude and courage in fighting this terrible disease.

I am feeling so good about this, that I had to share! The wall hangings are finished and just need to be bound. For some reason I wanted to have a group of them on hand as I usually don't - so it worked out well.

It is a gorgeous day today - a typical warm autumn day - the leaves are just about all
gold and soon will be on the ground -- it sure is pretty now though.


Nancy Wright said...

As a volunteer at Wellspring Calgary I can tell you your generosity if appreciated and celebrated with love. Wellspring Calgary is the highlight of many people's lives (mine too!) and it is filled with love.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Nancy Wright
Wellspring Calgary Volunteer

Shirley said...

You are vry welcome Nancy - I am very pleased about the venture and I only hope my work helps your project obtain donations to help Wellspring.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Auction -- Shirley

Debbie said...

Congratulations.... what a great gift you are giving so many people!!

Pat Wilson said...

Shirley, you are an inspiration to all who have read your profile and blog. Such a talent you have! and you are so generous with it! As a Wellspring volunteer, I am really looking forward to meeting you at The Quilt Auction at the Calgary Golf and Country Club on November 6.
Thank you for endorsing Wellspring Calgary.
Pat Wilson