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Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy Patch -

Last year one of the members of my group, Julie Coates, taught a crazy patch class. I really got 'bitten by the bug.'

I loved working on the different embroidery stitches and also incorporated quite a lot of my thread painting subjects in my work to make them more original. Here are some pictures of my different pieces done over the past year. "Brown Fantasy" was my very first attempt at crazy patch - as a result, I did a few things differently as I had no idea what I was doing - I did like the final result though. I printed the butterfly on fabric and used some 'different fabric. It was made of up 6 blocks.

I did a whole series of the Fantasy wall hangings - in different colors.

Here is a collage of my 'Green Fantasy'
which included a thread painted chickadee. I learned a lot of new embroidery stitches on this one - it now belongs to a lady who has it on her bedroom wall.

Here is 'Blue Fantasy' notice the thread painted building . As you can see if you click on the pictures, I have learned a few more stitches.

The photo on the left was another block waiting to be put in a wall hanging. I am not too interested in doing small projects although I admire them greatly when others do such beautiful work.

The last pictures were in a wall hanging I made for the Canadian Boston Terrier Rescue
Group hope I have the name right)
for my friend Debbie who is very involved with group and has two very sweet Bostons - I printed of her dogs and other Canadian rescue dogs and incorporated them into the blocks-It was an honor to do this wall hanging for such a worthy cause.

Sooooo- as you can see, my second love after landscapes is crazy patch. I entered a round robin for the Big Sky retreat last year and did a center piece in crazy patch. The girls did a wonderful
job with their additions, and I am working (slowly) on adding some embellishments to it. I
will post a picture if and when I ever get it finished.
I am hoping we will have another crazy patch class in early 2009. It is so much fun.
For those who are not aware - you can click on the pictures to see the photos up close. Check out Kerry's work - just click on the side bar. She has a great crazy patch blog.

enjoy (I hope). Shirley


Debbie said...

the wall hanging that was made for Boston Terrier Rescue raised $278.00..... as always.... thanks shirley... I just love seeing these again.

Shirley said...

You are so welcome Deb-- I enjoy donating my work for this type of project. I know what great work you do with the rescue group and how important the rescue groups are.

I also know how many hours you have
given to the Bostons and how many you
have rescued and kept until new homes were found. My hat is off to all of you who take the time.

There are many different animal rescue clubs and if you have a special breed you especially love, I am sure you can find a group on line. It is such a wonderful thing.