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Monday, September 8, 2008

Joyce's landscape -this and that

here is a picture of Joyce's landscape -- I think she did a beautiful job - what do you think?
she certainly used the right colors and her composition is just great- I like the fact that it
is a family place - and she did a great job with the thread painting. This was done on
my "Quiet Morning" class that I taught recently on Learningfa and Val Hearder's group. As I mentioned on the group - when a teacher sees work like this from a student - it is very satisfying -so yesterday was a GOOD day for me!

You might notice the new counter on my side bar. I had so many counts from going in and out while I set up the blog that my hit numbers were not realistic so I put in a new counter and started it with l00 hits -I know there were lots more visitors than that but this way I know that at least that many people have visited- there were over 500 hitsgrin. ( on the first counter, at least half the 'visitors' were me! )
I started quilting the center of my newest wall hanging (First snowfall) I LOVE doing the quilting and seeing how it enhances my pictures. I especially like doing the borders - usually I use a shiny poly thread or silk or rayon and sometimes I use a thread with 3 or 4 colors in it.
It seems to finish off the wall hangings. I am happier and happier with my quilting as time
goes by. My friend Deb is an expert machine and long arm quilter and I learned a great deal from her. After she showed me it was just practice, practice.
We are having an exciting time on learningfa - One of our members is teaching us about
EQ6 - and the girls are having a ball - Julie is an excellent teacher and so many people signed up to learn the basics. I think a program like EQ6 is a bit intimidating unless you have
a very good knowledge of how to use the computer and people are worried about starting. It is so much easier if someone can answer questions and show you through the process.
The class filled up immediately and I am hoping that Julie will let us use the class again in the new year.

It has been one of my dreams to have classes that is free for people to learn the things I have learned over the years and that is how the group started- Then I was able to get wonderful teachers from my friends and many from the group itself. Some have never taught before and yet we haven't had one class that didn't work.

We are going to have a jean quilt class soon, as well as learn how to do a large tote bag. I always felt that there are lots of quilters who live in isolated areas where no classes are available, and also those who just can't afford to pay for quilting classes - Aside from working on my projects, my favorite thing is teaching what I know to people. Nothing is more exciting than seeing someone find out that they CAN do something that they were uneasy about trying.
The group has art and traditional quilting classes - so we try to cover all types of quilting.
If this interests you click on 'learningfa" in the side bar and join us. Look at the post showing the students' accomplishments- I posted two different posts about the students' work.
It would be wonderful if some of you put a comment here and there when you visit my blog.
You don't have to fill in any letters etc. so it is very easy. I would be happy to take suggestions as to what you would find interesting on this blog - I would also love to hear about your web pages and blogs and would be happy to put them on my 'interesting links'
I hope all the people who are in the path of "IKE" are in a safe place- I hope it will be the last of it, and somehow lose strength before it hits the coast.

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